About Kiwi

Well I’m Kiwi and this is my blog.  Profound, I know.  I’m not A kiwi, in case you wondered.  I’m actually from Northern California, currently residing in Southern Oregon.

I’m a starving college student, or at least I would be if I didn’t make so much pie.  I’ve been baking a long while, but the love of pies is a little more recent.  One day I decided to make a pie and I utterly fell in love.  I have yet to pinpoint what precisely it is that I love.

Until I figure that out, I’m just going to keep on making pies.  I get asked the question a lot if baking is something I want to do with my life and curiously enough, for all my love of it, the answer is no.  I’m actually a biology student, studying genetics.  In the event that that doesn’t pan out, however, a bakery is my back-up plan.

I decided to start a blog because it’s the thing to do, and also because I couldn’t find anywhere else suitably pie-y.  I am utterly open to anyone who wants to give me recipes, suggestions, tips, comments, or free gas money.


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