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This morning while I was supposed to be working (and I WAS working, just multi-tasking!), I browsed my way through all sorts blogs. I started out in the “Tag Surfer”, which is a snazzy little function of WordPress that pulls up blogs that have similar search tags as what I write. I ended up clicking through links and other links and so on and so forth…

I found quite a few goodies. Here are a few I want to try:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie from Bakerella (found that one via Chocolate Chipped–that whole blog is full of tasty stuff!)

CUP PIES! – Okay, she calls them Tiny Pies, but this is a project I have wanted to do for a long time. They are cup pies, an idea I saw on Pushing Daisies (pretty much the best TV show ever). (Cup pie = cupcake size/shape + pie ingredients/texture/filling/etc)

Blueberry-lavender Cheesecake with Sage Shortbread Crust – YUM! This creation looks amazing! And it has such a variety of flavours and textures! It looks like fun to make AND fun to eat!

Brownie-Bottom White Chocolate Raspberry Chiffon – Gracious, that is a mouthful to say! It’s one off Cookie Madness and it has been looking delicious for a while! Also snazzy, it’s a chiffon without gelatin (or any substitute). Worth a try, no?

Just found today…
White Chocolate Berry Pie
Blondies (just a new version to try)

Found another today:

Hand pies


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